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Zero Tax Increase

The CY 2021 budget was introduced on March 29, 2021 in accordance with State requirements.

No tax increase
  • Achieved a tax collection rate of 97.3% in 2019. The collection rate for 2020 was 97.54%
  • The CY 2020 budget was introduced on April 13, 2020, in accordance with State requirements Regenerated $9,197,000.00 for inclusion in the 2021 budget
  • There were Zero audit findings for 2019
  • Completed financing in the amount of $3,927,000 for 2020 capital improvement projects in August 2020
  • Completed the transition of the MetLife 457B Deferred Compensation Plan to Mass Mutual in January 2020
  • The review of health benefit alternatives was completed in November 2020
  • Moody’s issued a MIGI rating for Plainfield in 2020
  • Over $1,610,248 in new grant revenues was generated in 2020, including CARES Act and Coronavirus Emergency Supplemental Funding
  • Achieved a 2020 Census self-response rate of 59.2%
  • The Tax collection rate for 2019 was 97.30%
  • In accordance with the modified State schedule the budget was introduced on April 8, 2019
  • Regenerated $7,356,565 in surplus.
  • There was a single audit finding
  • Bond ordinance was introduced on April 8. Financing was completed in August 2019
  • Completed. A transition is now underway to replace MetLife with Mass Mutual effective January 13, 2020
  • The review was completed in November and the City is migrating back to the State Health Benefits Plan Successfully achieved
  • The tax impact on the average assessed home was 3.55%. After adjusting for the increase in pension and debt servicing payments the tax impact was 1.49%
  • There was $627,674.25 in new grant revenue generated, with a potential of $785,944.50 in additional grant revenues
  • Achieved a tax collection rate of 96.94%
  • Surplus regeneration in excess of $6.0 million will occur
  • There was one audit finding identified and corrected
  • The 18 infrastructure switches were replaced
  • A virtual desktop strategy was designed and implemented for key City managers
  • The Census database was cleaned up and submitted on time for the 2020 Census
  • There were 177 summer youth and 20 adults for the summer
  • The City website is approximately now 64.3% ADA compliant
  • The City successfully financed 3.5 million in new debt
  • Heath benefit alternatives were reviewed and the decision was made to remain with Aetna and the Difference Card and add a vision plan
  • The Nationwide 457 B Plan has been reviewed and changes put in place for January 1, 2019. MetLife is a work in process
  • Over 14 customer service training classes were conducted. IT training was provided on a case by case basis for employees. Thirty nine residents received digital literacy training at New Covenant Church. The Plainfield Public Library provided technology training to several hundred residents
  • The City has successfully launched a Cisco Academy in partnership with Union County College, NAN Newark Tech World, New Covenant Church and the Plainfield Public Library. There are 34 students enrolled in programs for Cisco CCNA and CCENT certifications
  • Planning, Zoning and Health Inspections are scheduled for rollout December 2018. GIS, the Tax Assessor and Tax Collector will follow 1st Quarter 2019
  • The 2018 Budget, Annual Debt and Financial Statements were submitted on time to the City Council and/or the State
  • The City successfully maintained its MIGI rating with Moody’s, which is the highest rating possible
  • Postage fees were reduced by 20%.
  • Generated $6.4 million in additional surplus
  • Satisfied all ACA requirements
  • Rescheduled until 2018 an analysis of health care options due to organizational changes
  • The addition of Planning and Zoning as Mitchell Humphrey users was rescheduled until February 2018, with the Tax Assessor and Tax Collector offices to follow
  • Successfully eliminated all business registration certificate and W-9 vendor audit issues
  • Archived a tax collection rate of 96.78%
  • Budget delivered on schedule in March 2017
  • A cloud based strategy was designed and implemented for City-wide computer services
  • Limited testing of a virtual desktop strategy was initiated, but a strategy will not be finalized until 2018 $5.33 million in capital was generated
  • The Healthy Plainfield and Lifelong Plainfield initiatives funded by the RWJ and Grotta Foundation were successfully implemented
  • Submitted the 2016 budget on time
  • Processed 493 tax appeals in 2016
  • Generated a surplus balance of $9,169,795 for 2016
  • Reduced audit findings by 75%
  • Received a 2016 Moody’s Investment Grade (MG) rating of 1, which reflects strong fundamental credit quality with excellent liquidity
  • Generated $4,348,236 in grants revenue in 2016
  • Achieved a tax collection rate of 97.10%
  • Moody’s Bond Rating Upgraded
  • Surplus increased $2,000,000 as of 12/31/14
  • Refinanced the City’s Debt to save $800,000
  • Received over $1.5 million in new grant funds
  • Refinanced $19 million in debt
  • Reduced audit-finding recommendations by 75% from 16 to 4
  • The Tax Assessor processed over 500 tax appeals in 2015
  • Municipal Court reduced the backlog in court cases by 38%
  • Achieved a tax collection rate of 97.05%
  • Introduced a $75 million budget on time
  • Conducted a cleanup of old capital ordinances and reallocated $ 653,000 in funds for road repairs Initiated a plan to refinance the Series 2007 A bonds to save approximately $400,000 in interest charges
  • Reconciled 2004 and 2006 Union County Improvement Authority financings. Submitted for reimbursement (not done since 2010 and canceled remaining balances)
  • Saved $11,414 in electricity charges by changing our provider. Equated to over $45K savings for the City each year.
  • Resolved over $2,034 criminal summonses and deposed of 2,226 criminal cases and 9,353 traffic summonses and disposed of 9,955 traffic cases – Generated $415,384 in city revenue and $836,409 in total revenues
  • Negotiated renewal of a CSBG grant dollars through Union County
  • Division on Aging $89,687
    Arts & Cultural $2,400
    CDBG $33,000
  • Collected $936,592 in back taxes owed to the City
  • Achieved a tax collection rate of 96.54%

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