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Municipal Finance


  • Introduced a $75 million budget on time
  • Conducted a cleanup of old capital ordinances and reallocated $653,000 in funds for road repairs
  • Initiated a plan to refinance the Series 2007A bonds to save approximately $400,000 in interest charges
  • Reconciled 2004 and 2006 Union County Improvement Authority financings. Submitted for reimbursement (not done since 2010) and canceled remaining balances
  • Saved $11,414 in electricity charges by changing our provider. Equated to over $45K savings for the City each year
  • Resolved over $230,000 in Verizon billing issues due to past administration’s mismanagement
  • Issued 2,034 criminal summonses and disposed of 2,226 criminal cases and 9,353 traffic summonses and disposed of 9,955 traffic cases - Generated $415,384 in city revenue and $836,409 in total revenues
  • Negotiated renewal of a CSBG grant for $196,000
  • The Senior Center was awarded $89,687 grant dollars through Union County
  • Division on Aging $89,687
    Arts & Cultural $2,400
    CDBG $33,000
  • Collected $936,592 in back taxes owed to the City
  • Generated a tax collection rate of 96.19%
  • Moody’s Bond Rating Upgraded
  • Surplus increased $2,000,000 as of 12/31/14
  • Refinanced the City’s Debt to save $600,000
  • Received over $1.5 million in new grant funds
  • Refinanced $19 million in debt
  • Reduced audit-finding recommendations by 75%, from 16 to 4
  • The Tax Assessor processed over 500 tax appeals in 2015
  • Municipal Court reduced the backlog in court cases by 38%
  • Over $1 million in new grant applications submitted
  • Achieved a Tax Collection Rate of 97%
  • Submitted the 2016 budget on time
  • Processed 493 tax appeals in 2016
  • Generated a surplus balance of $9,169,795 for 2016
  • Reduced audit findings by 75%
  • Received a 2016 Moody’s Investment Grade (MIGI) rating of 1, which reflects strong fundamental credit quality with excellent liquidity
  • Generated $4,348,286 in grants revenue in 2016


  • 2014 - Provided WIC (Women, Infant and Children) nutritional counseling to 3,900 clients
  • Conducted a review and discovered only 20% of retail food establishments were inspected on average per year for more than 3 years (previous administration). By April 2015 all retail food establishments were inspected
  • Conducted 557 overall health inspections
  • Initiated the first annual Mayor Mapp Wellness Walk
  • Conducted four (4) workshops on: Diabetes, Women’s Health, Mammograms and Early Detection of Prostate Cancer in 2014
  • Distributed 6,000 WIC vouchers and 800 vouchers for the Farmer’s Market
  • Hired 156 youth and young adults for the Summer Youth Employment Program
  • Senior Center partnered with the State of NJ Workforce 55 Program, which provided employment training to low income Senior Citizens. Four (4) seniors worked in the Center four (4) hours per day
  • Average of 20+ Seniors received blood pressure screenings, glucose screenings on a weekly basis and podiatry screening on a bi-weekly basis
  • 2,600 senior members are serviced annually through the CLG food pantry. Once a month an average of 20 seniors benefit from this service
  • 4,500 one-way transports were provided for members from January through June
  • Over 100 transportation trips provided to restaurants, department stores, grocery stores, movies, health programs, plays & educational forums etc
  • Information & assistance provided to an average of 50 clients per month. Including but not limited to Medicare information, bills (electric, water) affordable care, wills, etc.
  • Language translation to an average of 42 clients per month
  • In partnership with Union County Meals on Wheels program hot meals were provided to homebound members. Average meals served were 85 per day, 5 days a week
  • Socialization/Recreation provided to an average of 583 clients per month including but not limited to line dancing, knitting, cards, pool, etc
  • Internet & computer training classes provided to over 279 seniors monthly
  • Over 100 senior tax returns were completed for 2014 in partnership with AARP
  • Provided 1400 flu vaccinations
  • 976 communicable disease investigations were completed
  • Distributed $3.5 million in WIC (Women, Infant, Children) checks and $40,000 in Farmer’s Market vouchers
  • The Senior Center provided Socialization/Recreation services for an average of 583 clients per month or 7,000 annually
  • Transportation was provided to an average of 668 seniors per month, 8,014 annually
  • Provided Internet and basic computer training to over 300 seniors
  • Partnered with AARP to assist over 100 seniors in completing their tax returns
  • Hot meals were provided to an average of 95 people on-site per day
  • Plainfield Action Services provided services to over 5,000 clients
  • Summer jobs were provided to over 228 youth and young adults
  • Bilingual provided pre-school services for 69 children
  • Implemented processes and procedures in support of the Earned Sick Time Ordinance
  • Completed inspections of all retail food establishments
  • Employed 180 youth and 20 adults for the summer
  • Provided services for over 4,600 individuals/families such as:
    • Emergency food assistance for 3,200 individuals/families
    • Emergency financial support for 300 individuals/families
    • Housing assistance for 315 individuals/families
    • Temporary shelter for 80 individuals/families
    • 400 book bags provided to our school children
    • Emergency legal services for 225 individuals/families
    • Facilitated distribution of over 175 coats


  • Created a telephone directory and online tools for easier, efficient distribution of messages
  • 2014 - Completed a technology assessment, which identified in excess of $100,000 in potential savings
  • Saved the City over $70,000 annually up to date with voice & data services implemented in 2014
  • Implemented a software application named IQM2, which automates the workflow of resolutions and ordinances between deparments and the City Clerk’s office
  • Provided technology training in conjunction with the Public Library for 76 participants in 2014
  • Negotiated a new franchise agreement with Comcast, which generated $175,000 in additional revenue to the City, $105,000 in year one and $5,000 per year over the life of the agreement in 2014
  • Automated many workflow processes, particularly for Construction, Engineering, Inspections, Planning and Health Divisions. Gave the public increased ability to electronically communicate with City Departments
  • Negotiated a new franchise agreement with Comcast, generating $175,000 in additional revenue for the City
  • Changed postage services provider and saved in excess of $4,000 per year
  • The City participated in an auction to purchase electricity. The result is estimated to be an annual savings of $15,000 per year. or $30,000 over a two year contract period
  • Replaced City copiers to save approximately $12,000 per year
Implemented a number of technology initiatives:
  • A new Plainfield website
  • Installed a new 911 and radio system
  • Implemented a City-wide telephone system
  • Implemented a data network infrastructure 8 times faster than the old network
  • Completed the installation of a Customer Relationship Management system to integrate City offices, in the Inspections
  • Construction, Health and Recreation Divisions. The balance of the Divisions will be implemented in 2021
  • Implemented a new Payroll/HRIS system (Primepoint)
  • Implemented a platform to support the issuance of Municipal ID’s

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