Looking Ahead

Looking Ahead: Continuing Plainfield’s Renaissance

The Mapp Administration is committed to continued growth in every ward in the City of Plainfield. If re-elected to a second term, Mayor Mapp and his team will build upon the foundation established over the past three years with a focus on economic development, public safety, financial stability, and community unity and engagement. The Mapp team will also continue to seek innovative solutions for engaging our youth and ensuring that there are avenues to continued education for every Plainfield child. Recognizing the importance of partnership the Mapp Administration has worked collaboratively with community stakeholders over the past three years and intends to continue this partnership with ongoing feedback through active Commissions, Block Associations, and Boards.

Quality of Life

The City of Plainfield is proud of its diversity. We have a melting pot of cultures, and it is something we celebrate. Plainfield is America in its truest form. Mayor Mapp recognizes that Quality of Life priorities are not the same for everyone. The City Administration under his leadership will continue to assess the needs and priorities of all Plainfielders and seek solutions tailored to these specific needs. The Mapp team will look at outcomes affecting the most vulnerable among us, and partner with public and private entities to address and change these results where necessary. Whether it’s a young student facing financial challenges that will negatively impact educational outcomes, offering support for those interested in pursuing a trade, or a family seeking a path to a healthier lifestyle; the team is committed to a Healthy Plainfield, and all that entails.

Mayor Mapp and his team will continue to pay attention to the City’s infrastructure; fixing roads, lighting the City, and regularly removing leaves and brush from the side of the streets. Quality of life has many faces, and Mayor Mapp recognizes that.

Fiscal Health of the City

In 2016, The City of Plainfield generated a surplus balance of $9,169,794.71; Reduced audit findings by 75% and Generated $4,348,286.00 in grant revenues. Additionally, the City of Plainfield was upgraded to Moody’s Investment Grade (MIGI) Rating of 1 – which reflects strong fundamental credit quality with excellent liquidity. That’s an indicator that the business of the City is being handled well. This rating speaks to the City’s financial health and outlook due to the leadership, vision and competent fiscal management implemented by Mayor Mapp and his team since 2014.

Looking Ahead - Financial Goals of the Mapp Administration:

  • Work with the Office of Economic Development to expand the commercial and industrial taxable bases to lower the tax obligations of homeowners, who currently make up 80% of the property tax base.  The implementation of the 60 plus economic development projects underway in various stages in 2017 will greatly aid this effort.
  • Find solutions for property owners potentially facing foreclosure.
  • Seek solutions for those seniors on fixed or limited incomes that find it increasingly difficult to pay their property taxes.
  • Develop a robust and innovative program to get our abandoned properties inventory back on the tax rolls.
  • Identify additional funding sources to help fulfill the Plainfield Promise.
  • Finance at least $3.5 million annually in capital improvements over the next four (4) years.
  • Create economic and job opportunities for those in need.

Economic Development

Plainfield has moved forward dramatically since 2014 when Mayor Mapp began his term; the signs of revitalization stretch from the West End, through our Downtown and into the East end of the City. From the grand opening of Bella Vita Estates downtown, the groundbreaking of the exciting “Muse” redevelopment project on South Second Street in the West End, and the Gateway project on South Avenue – we are witnessing a real renaissance.

Looking Ahead - Economic Development Goals of the Mapp Administration:

  • Continue to execute the Administration’s Economic Development Plan that is designed to attract, and retain businesses, and remove barriers to business expansion and attraction and promote job creation
  • Continue marketing our new Business Development Incentives and City assets to investors, developers, and entrepreneurs to pursue the revitalization of Downtown, the West-end area and South Avenue business districts
  • Continue improving our downtown and trade corridors to market Plainfield as a destination for shopping, eating, working, and socializing
  • Continue to support the health initiatives for all residents by making our business corridors a walkable, green, commuter friendly, and safe experience.
  • Support a walking trail to encourage residents and visitors to use our open spaces to promote a healthy lifestyle
  • Expand on the Safe Routes to School Program to ensure our students can walk to and from school safely- Explore the addition of a bike share program and bike lanes
  • Continue the expansion of the beautification and mural arts program

Looking Ahead - Community Development Goals of the Mapp Administration:

  • Continue to develop Faith-based outreach that will use the community resources to strengthen the community from inside out.
  • Be the catalyst to encourage and generate innovative ideas around housing that solve major challenges and improve the overall community living standard.
  • Create pathways to expand access and opportunity for the students of Plainfield through Plainfield Promise.
  • Create incentives for residents to re-invest in their communities.
  • Build and strengthen partnerships inside and outside the city to encourage dynamic data driven use of resources; increase the capacity building of all associations and nonprofit community-based institution.
  • Cultural Arts initiative to continue to promote beautification of the City including but not limited to the expansion of the mural art, decorative electrical boxes, promote our museums and schools of arts and work with partners to bring about a Performance Arts Center.
  • Vacant and abandoned properties – expansion of the program to return idle sites to active, vibrant properties for members of the community.
  • Educational forums to produce educational information and resources in the areas of foreclosure, credit, community involvement, first time home buyers, etc.

Public Safety

The Mapp Administration has made great strides in reducing crime since taking office in 2014; a thirty (30) percent reduction to be exact, and that’s a significant figure. Public Safety remains a top priority for the team and is an important facet of Plainfield’s quality of life as the City continues its upward trajectory. Since 2014, our Police Department has employed creative and interactive methods of keeping our streets safe; communications with the community have been more impactful by having officers walk through our neighborhoods on foot and interact with residents. Our law enforcement now utilizes new technologies to communicate and respond more efficiently. Our young people continue to benefit from the successful mentoring programs instituted in 2014, emerging with a sense of purpose, confidence, and direction.

Looking Ahead - Public Safety Goals of the Mapp Administration

  • Work hard to drive crime rate even lower and address Quality of Life issues
  • Drive down response times by utilizing increased camera surveillance, and new technology
  • Continue to demand and produce Supervisory & Officer Accountability
  • Build on the successful Division Wide Community Policing Concept
  • Continue to nurture our youth through the Divisions mentoring programs
  • Hire more Police Officers without adversely affecting the budget


The Mapp Administration has made strides in improving the local infrastructure in Plainfield. This improvement has been critical to the City’s growth economically and fiscally. Mayor Mapp understands that a robust infrastructure is vital for our local businesses and residents to be successful. Employing innovation such as the “Pothole Doctor” to rehabilitate our roads and prioritizing the repaving of our streets in the most cost effective way by utilizing the power of co-operative buying; the roadways in Plainfield are being transformed. Code enforcement is utilizing new technology to be more efficient at identifying potential problem areas and moving swiftly to address them.


  • Restructure the Inspections Division, implement a different approach while streamlining processes
  • Strategically transform Workforce Deployment from the office into the field
  • Implement new technologies to enhance efficiency
  • Tailor property maintenance and construction to meet the rising demands from new development
  • Skatepark - Construction will commence very soon


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