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As Mayor of one of Union County's largest municipalities, Adrian O. Mapp is a leading and progressive Democrat whose inclusionary agenda has brought people together and ignited The City of Plainfield's renaissance.

Mayor Mapp was re-elected to his second term in November of 2017. Since his first term, He has worked hard to build co-operation and collaboration with engaged residents from every ward of the City. 

For two consecutive years, 2020 and 2021, Mayor Mapp has decisively shown that his care and concern for residents come first. He has delivered budgets with a ZERO tax increase both years, providing relief when many face hardships resulting from the health crisis.

His  One Plainfield - One Future  rallying cry has ignited a spirit of unification in a city that has seen much divisiveness and is the driving force behind his passion for improving the quality of life for every resident regardless of ward or address.

In addition to winning the Mayoral election in 2017, Mayor Mapp retained the local Democratic Party (PDCC) Chairmanship in 2018. His decisive and inclusive leadership has been a stabilizing force that has unified and solidified the local Democratic coalition as a team, not to be ignored. 

Over his two terms, Mayor Mapp delivered on the promise of the following transformational goals: Improving Plainfield's fiscal health, ushering in a new era of Economic Development, transforming recreational spaces, and a laser focus on increased Public Safety. 

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The Mapp Administration is committed to continued growth in every ward in the City of Plainfield. If re-elected to a third term, Mayor Mapp and his team will build upon the foundation.

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Accomplishments of the Past Seven Years


The City has generated a steady surplus each year he has been Mayor, with the latest figure being $8.0 million for 2020. 

Property values have risen incrementally, so much so that Business Insider listed Plainfield in 2019 as number nine on a list of the top 25 suburbs where home values are growing the fastest.

Under his leadership, the City achieved a historic tax collection rate in 2020 of 97.54%. For the last five years, it has maintained a Moody's rating of A1 for Bonds and MIG1 for Bond Anticipation Notes, reflecting strong fundamental credit quality with excellent liquidity.


By pursuing a focused, sustainable development strategy, over a billion dollars are invested in the City represented by 4000 – 5000 residential units and over 500,000 square feet of retail. Successfully obtaining a transit-oriented designation for the City Mayor Mapp's vision to build around the transit centers and create new hubs of activity is driving more business and opportunity into the downtown and surrounding areas

In keeping with his promise to uplift every resident and every neighborhood in Plainfield, the new development includes market-rate luxury apartments at the Quin Sleepy Hollow, The Randolph on the former Muhlenberg Hospital Campus and luxury living at workforce housing prices at The Station at Grant.


Crime in Plainfield has drastically declined across every category since Mayor Mapp took office in 2014. Violent crimes decreased by over 50 percent between 2014 and 2020, while non-violent crime decreased by 45 percent. Community-focused policing has greatly strengthened police / resident relationships, and mentoring programs for Plainfield youth continue to build on that relationship.


Mayor Mapp recognizes the importance of quality recreational spaces for residents, especially young people. Systematically, recreational areas have been improved, such as the 1.7 million dollar multi-sport turf revitalization of Seidler Field, the Tennis Courts' renovation at Milt Campbell Field, and, most recently, 3 million dollar Rushmore Recreational Complex's total transformation.

He understands how important it is for the Plainfield arts community to have an outlet and a creative activity hub. He transformed the gift of a historic non-sectarian place of worship into the Plainfield Performing Arts Center (PPAC).

Springing into action during the COVID-19 crisis, Mayor Mapp established the Covid Relief Fund to assist families struggling to pay bills due to the pandemic. At the end of 2020, almost 60 families received aid through this program.

Businesses impacted by the crisis were not left out as he established the UEZ COVID-19 Emergency Assistance Fund, providing up to $10,000 for affected businesses. At the end of 2020, $287,300 was disbursed to 42 Plainfield businesses.

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