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As Mayor of one of Union County's largest municipalities, Adrian O. Mapp is a leading and progressive Democrat whose inclusionary agenda has brought people together and ignited The City of Plainfield's renaissance.

Mayor Mapp was elected on November 5th, 2013 with 70.17% of the vote. He decisively and overwhelmingly won the election and built a coalition of engaged residents from every ward of the City.

His One Plainfield - One Future rallying cry spoke to a city that had seen too much divisiveness and brought about a unification that issued in a new era for the city.

In addition to winning the Mayoral election, Mayor Mapp went on to win the Plainfield Democratic Municipal Chairmanship in June 2015 capturing 48 of the 68 seats. He displayed a level of leadership, and inspiration that unified the local Democratic movement,

In his first term, Mayor Mapp delivered on the promise of the following transformational goals: Improving Plainfield's fiscal health, ushering in a new era of Economic Development and focus on increased Public Safety.

Highlights of his first term:

Fiscal Health

The city has generated a steady surplus each year he has been Mayor, with the latest figure being $9.2 million for 2016.

Property values have risen incrementally; the total increase to date is 8%. Under his leadership, the city achieved a tax collection rate of 97.8% and received a 2016 Moody's Investment Grade (MIG1) rating of 1, which reflects strong fundamental credit quality with excellent liquidity.

Economic Development

Pursuing an aggressive development strategy, the City now boasts 60 redevelopment projects in various stages, which represents over quarter of a billion dollars in investments in the city.

There is a brand new $30 million dollar investment facility, which transformed a Brownfield site in the west end of the city while keeping and expanding a local business. There is also a $50 million dollar new development going up on the opposite side of the City. (South Avenue Gateway Project).

Public Safety

There has been a 25% reduction in overall crime from the beginning of 2014 to the end of 2016.

Quality of Life

Unemployment in the City has fallen from a high of almost 14% in 2013, to a low of 5.4% as of last November 2016. 

Last summer the city employed 180 youth and 20 adults through the summer employment program.  

Over 4,600 families received services through various city-run programs. Food assistance was given to 3200 families and the city provided over 80 recreational programs, and scheduled parks for 130 hours of private and community programs.


Help Re-elect Mayor Adrian O. Mapp. Protect the Progress for Plainfield's future. Thank you for your donation!

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